Fushun No.1 Building Engineering Co. was founded in 1952. we have been awarded a grade of large scale enterprise which has compositive capability and also we can undertake all kinds of construction engineering.

Our activities include: Civil engineering, road,  runway, bridge tunnel, makeup water plant, sewage disposal plant, gas source plant, liquid gas storage and all kinds of pipe engineering, equipment installation, scientific and research design, high level decoration, line control engineering and so much more.

Now we have 7,123 employees, of whom 1,083 are technical personnel and 138 senior positions. The corporation possesses a strong technical force and complete power equipment with our assembling rate reaching 3.5 KW/one.

In the Past 40 years, we have established a close cooperative relationship with 11 countries and regions and 7 provinces, municipalities. we have taken the national key projects such as engineering of 7 large scale thermal power plants including Luoyang, Liaoning and Jilin province, Liaoyang Chemical Fibre plant, Kailuan coal mine and national military industry. They include Fushun petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, machinery industry, light industry and textile industry.

We have been an “advanced enterprise” of Liaoning province, “excellence enterprise for equipment control, ” abide by the contract, keep one’s word and key construction’s advanced unit. We have been classified as one of a hundred key enterprises of Liaoning province and come into 500 in the national building field.

In recent years, we introduced advanced methods and experience from home and abroad. Project method and overall quality control have been applied to establish a complete marketing control system and a strict quality control system.

We sincerely hope the building units at home and abroad to cooperate with us to undertake civil and industry construction.

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